MOH is a path-breaking Indian registered NGO with 80G, 12 AA and Certification which provides free food to thousands of underprivileged, poor & hungry children every day.

our mission

Our Mission is to serves healthy, nutritious meals to the Poor. MOH is fully committed NGO working with children to ensure that each child born in this vast and complex country gets Food, clothing & Education.

Make donations

We invite People to come forward to do the charity in form of distributing food, for underprivileged people, street kids, construction site workers, hospitals, NGO, orphanage on a very low price


Help & support

For people who have always wanted to ease the sufferings of the less fortunate here is the opportunity to distribute warm, nutritious, hygienically packed meals to suit every budget

We fight together

We are humans

WE care about others

We are humans

Celebrations are Sweeter When Shared ...

Its your Birthday - Donate your birthday to us! ... You can ask friends or guests to make a donation instead of presents. Donate to Us, Honor your family and friends with a gift that will help families lift themselves out of Hunger.


The festival of Lohri is not just about dancing and singing around the bonfire. Donate cloth to needy. Your first Lohri is the best time to seek blessings from the needy. What can be best other than providing to needy.

Lohri &

Holi is a celebration of diversity, Let's open our hearts to donate to those who deserve better things in life, Paint the lives of the underprivileged with colourful hopes, dreams and aspirations with Sightsavers ...


Festival of Colours
Eid Mubarak - Giving to others through charity is an important part of Ramadan, it is also a part of the Eid celebrations. Your gift is huge to them. And each donation you make has an impact in the fight against hunger...


'Raksha Bandhan' is a special occasion to celebrate the emotional bonding between brother & sister, It means ‘a bond of protection’,celebrate this time by giving food,clothes protection to the needy.


THE birthday of Lord Krishna, Krishnaji always helped poor & Needy all his life. follow his steps Donate Now to end child hunger. Janamashtmi is celebrating it by sharing gifts to Poor peoples, Orphans who needs them .


Supporting the cause of children is a great way to celebrate Diwali. Your small donation will surely bring a smile to many faces, and gets their next nutritious meal in a safe and nurturing environment.


A Festival of light
Christmas is the season for charitable giving ,spread happiness among poor children by giving away some food or old toys to needy people will truly make you feel better. So go ahead and donate.


Merry Chrismas

They believe in us