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Dr. Pushpendra Pratap Singh

Dr. Singh is an itinerant fiercely travelling for business planning, growth & commercial development. He established various agents worldwide and appraised them operationally of Indian Market requirements. Accounts are termed a backbone whilst Operations are sighted as the heart which is considered as a major responsibility. This operational guidance lend a huge abetment to people across continents to understand, act and meet deadlines which are crucial in Shipping & Logistics. His savviness yielded robust results in high speed business turnover. He also visits numerous trading, manufacturing units and EOU’s who regularly trade with Indian Subcontinent. Having visited all International base seaports, Dr. Singh understand the operational procedures of each port and its timeline required. These visits proves to give an edge and fortifies business service provider role in catering to customer demand effectively.
Keeping in mind his immense talent, expertise, aptitude & credible determination, he received Hon’ble Doctorate Degree. In a short span of time, he acquired various rewards and recognitions making him an autocrat & a supreme ruler in Shipping & Logistics.