They are Fighting Hunger
While we fight virus
India is home to the largest undernourished population in the world
189.2 million
People i.e. 14% of Our Population is Undernourished
Of Children Under 5 Are Underweight
Of Children Under 5 years of age are stunted
women in the reproductive age (15-49 years) are anemic
 7 lakh Children Dies due to  Malnutrition In India

According to the 2020 Global Hunger Index, India ranks 94th out of the 107 countries. With a score of 27.2, India has a level of hunger that is serious. Hunger is a complex problem for a nation like India.

Hunger and undernourishment lead to severe problems, especially in children. For instance, if a pregnant woman is undernourished, the infant in her womb doesn't receive complete nutrition either.

Malnutrition was the predominant risk factor for death in children younger than five in every state of India in 2017. It accounted for 68.2% of the total under-5-deaths, resulting in 706,000 deaths.

This was revealed in the state-wide data on malnutrition presented by ICMR, Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI), and National Institute of Nutrition (NIN). 
 According to UNICEF, India is likely to witness an increase in malnutrition by at least 10%. Also, a  study last year by Lancet India, estimated that two-thirds of the 1.04 million deaths in children under five years in India is still attributable to malnutrition
This young woman who fought cancer
and is today feeding thousands of poor
to fight Hunger & Malnutrition

She had just finished her 32nd birthday celebrations when she noticed a lump in her breast.

She got an appointment in a hospital, where she got diagnosed with 3rd stage breast cancer. I thought to herself, “But I am yet to live my life. This can’t be it.” And it wasn’t. 

The chemotherapies and endless surgeries were extremely daunting but she held on to hope and tried to live a normal life.
It was during this time when one day she was stuck at a traffic signal & noticed a bunch of kids begging.

She refused to give them money and offered food instead. They agreed and she took them to a restaurant.

Due to social stigma, some of the guests at the restaurant left after seeing these kids dining in the same place as them.

Disgusted, she sat down with the poor kids and talked to them about their life and how they survive.

That afternoon inspired her to do something for these kids, and I started distributing free food to street kids.

Initially, She used to cook the meal at home with her mother’s help and distribute it to slums kids. Soon people noticed her persistence in helping these kids and offered support in the form of money or volunteering.
It took 11 months for her to recover from cancer. She carried on the food distribution activities through the toughest of times during her cancer journey.

Serving meals to the needy and less privileged gave her the strength to overcome these difficult times. 

                            "I believe I am alive because of the time
spent amongst the people in the slums serving them"

                                                   -Anchal Sharma- 

She plans to continue doing what she loves and keep serving meals to the needy.

She started an NGO 'Meals of Happiness Charitable Trust' to be able to serve a lot more people with the help of some support. Today, she has a purpose, and it is this purpose that makes her stronger by the day.

Through Her NGO Meals Of Happiness, Anchal has served 2 million hot meals in lockdown alone & distributed rations kits, across the nation.

Many Media Houses Recognised Her Work for Poor People 
International Celebrity Miss Bulgaria - Margo Cooper Supporting the cause

After Reading about Anchal Sharma & her fight against
Hunger & Malnutrition, Margo Cooper contacted Anchal
and decided to be the Voice for Meals Of Happiness
on International platform.
Be A hero for someone, save a life
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