Provide poor and needy people their right to be free from hunger.

The Founder

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Anchal Sharma


How It All Began

Days after I was diagnosed with Cancer, I was travelling back home after meeting my friends for coffee and as my car pulled up to a traffic light ,a bunch of street kids began banging my car window begging for money and food. I declined to pay them any money but they convinced me and i was more than happy to buy them food. Soon began the pursuit of looking for some nutritious food to feed the children and we wandered a bit before we chanced upon a stall selling chinese food. The children readily agreed to eat some chowmwin and persistently nagged the cook from time to time as he prepared their meal to pack extra sauce and noodles for their loved ones at home. Seeing this an impatient onlooker waiting for his turn to get his food packed along with his son got bugged and left without taking his food as the behaviour of the eager and hungry street kids got the better of him. It deeply hurt me that this man could not bear to even eat food from the same place where these poor and hungry children were standing.... Thus lead to the conception of MOH!! I decided to run an organised kitchen where maximum hungry and poor people could be fed at a reasonable cost , and more ans more people could join hands and come together for this cause. I also am committed to feed a daily target 5000 people at different slum locations, hospitals, street kids wtc and hence would like maximum able people to donate generously for the same. It is my belief that working in a concerted manner like this soon there will be no one who will sleep hungry at night.



"Noble cause straight from the heart. The country needs more people like you. Best of luck !"


"Beautiful project, they thoughtfully packed the boxes I ordered and even delivered to the kids in need. All the best to the entire team."


"Feeding school children in Vasant Kunj slum to celebrate my dad’s first birthday in heaven. He would have been happy to feed those less fortunate than him."


" Amazing experience! Very well managed. Love your enthusiasm and energy in spite of the hot afternoon! Keep it up!"


"Good luck to my friend with this great initiative."


"Thank You MOH... the food was delicious and very hygiencally packed... a very noble concept feeding countless needy..."


"Awesome project of bringing happiness and smiles to the less privileged. Everything done by the team from cooking to packing to serving on our behalf. Very soul satisfying indeed. Keep it up Anchal Sharma."


"A well organised and noble initiative. All the very best!"